Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Post reports that Madonna is the new face of Louis Vuitton for 2009. Last year they got Keith Richards. Both are unusual choices for a luggage company seeing as they both either resemble old leather or are considered tough and baggish. Madonna was apparently paid 10 million dollars for her likeness. Phew. I was worried she would be underpaid.

Maybe Louis Vuitton thinks there’s some alignment between their brand and old iconic musicians. Ie. Our luggage is timeless and iconic. I can see that being the point of a pitch meeting but ultimately, right now when I think of Madonna I think of gristle. I cannot deny that. Also, I think of frog legs. Her arms are oddly frog leg like.

When I think of Keith Richards I think of a very dry apple with a hat on it. I also think of smoke clouding an already cremated lung.

To link those two images to Louis Vuitton luggage is mildly absurd to me. Mind you, I have pretty much nothing riding on it because I will probably never be able to justify spending 4000 dollars on a handbag.

Someone near me is listening to lite jazz, elevator music for fun and I really understand my reaction to that now. It’s never been clearer: listening to elevator music, the kind you’d hear in an elevator where it pipes out the crap, Florida pastel sax version of “the Girl from Ipanema” for apparent enjoyment is actually more traumatizing to me than confronting the chaotically dark reality that religion is the product of a fear of death. Give me nothing before you give me elevator music. [source]

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