Monday, November 10, 2008

Adrian Bailon, the probably previously barely known star of Disney’s “Cheetah Girls” is now apparently thoroughly embarrassed at the release of several personal photos that were in her laptop that was stolen recently from an airport in New York. She is preparing to sue whatever websites published them. I had never heard of her until now which is probably more or less the point and I would bet money the photos of her are of her with her boyfriend holding hands or they’re of her at some white trash barbecue not wearing full makeup. This is the same as what happened with the boring wet fish carcass, Amy Polumbo; “stolen photos of a generic showbiz wannabe” was boring, apologetically puritanical, inane and pointless then and it’s boring, apologetically puritanical, inane and pointless now. Polumbo got on the Today show after her facebook was allegedly hacked into but where is she now? Exactly. Apparently, the lesson wasn’t learnt by Bailon. No doubt she’ll realize this ploy for attention will be futile when Disney fires her and in a year she finds herself making snuff films in the hills of LA with the Vampires left out of the upcoming remake of Bret Easton Ellis’ “The Informers” God, I’m disappointed about that. The Informers is one of my favourite books and the fact that they're leaving out all the vampire bits is fucking stupid. [source]

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