Monday, November 10, 2008

Two totally engaging things happened at the World Music Awards this weekend. One, Solange Knowles, whose music is really innocuous but who will eventually probably get somewhere by virtue of who her sister is – even if it’s only on American Idol as a judge in much the same way that Dannii Minogue never went anywhere for the same reasons, played at the World Music Awards and was put in a dressing room described as a broom closet. That’s totally expected because she’s the Cinderella of the music world right now except I’m unsure if there’s a happy ending. One thing that made me feel good despite the overall ass raping shit nature of everything right now is the fact that, at the World Music Awards, Sophie Ellis Bextor – with whom I talked about vomit porn and raising kids at a party this year in Vienna - apparently wore yellow to the WMAs and looked great. Isn’t that reassuring? I know I’ve considered not drugging myself to sleep tonight. The UK’s mirror published the story but didn’t include a photos of her. Still, thank you, Sophie Ellis Bextor. Thank you for looking great in yellow. [source] [source]

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I heart Danni Minogue. Underrated!