Thursday, November 13, 2008

Justin Gaston is getting more work STILL out of his weird relationship with Miley Cyrus. People Magazine reports that Gaston performed with Taylor Swift at the Country Music Association Awards AND that not only did that gig actually happen – which it wouldn’t have if he hadn’t have been dating Cyrus – but that Miley Cyrus herself was wearing a Roberto Cavalli gown on the red carpet.

This feels the same as letting Dina Lohan work for Entertainment Tonight so that the show could get exclusive access to Lindsay Lohan. By hiring the starfucking boyfriend, Cavalli gets Miley Cyrus into their clothes. The whole thing is creepy.

Plus, Billy Ray Cyrus is acting all Lynn Spears by talking about how much he likes the boyfriend which can only really be the product of fear that he’ll lose his job if his kid doesn’t get what she wants.

Miley Cyrus will eventually have a breakdown. What about this prediction isn’t reasonable? [source]

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Faith said...

Do not walk around NYC barefoot. That rat is just the TIP of why not. :-)