Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The only way anyone could have possibly survived being as closely associated with George W Bush as Laura Bush is is by keeping incredibly silent and retaining a certain stoic disconnect and that is what she did which is why it’s not surprising that the New York Post is reporting that she’s currently allegedly lining up a multi million dollar deal to write a book about her experience in the White House and George W Bush is not.

Laura Bush has the same kind of appeal as Katie Holmes has. She’s silent and timid and Stepfordy and it keeps her in a pretty place. A place that is lovely and decorated and meaningless and also, in the case of Laura Bush, essentially complicit but then not really. I mean, she stayed with Bush throughout his campaign of havoc on democracy and the world but then, she wasn’t the one doing the work. She was just looking after the kids and decorating the Christmas Tree. That sort of makes her like Carmella Soprano and Katie Holmes mixed together. In a lot of ways, Bush was like Carmella Soprano as well though by virtue of his limited understanding of reality.

These silent, beautiful, accessory wives know a lot more than they are capable of dealing with. Laura Bush fails though because she was a Democrat and she sat back and remained complicit. Her role is important. Granted, the right thing to do would have been to divorce him and leave, and take up arms against him and she chose to remain a silent ex-democrat librarian so in that she is accountable.

Ultimately, though, once the presidency is over she can tell it like it is and that makes her valuable. Bush won’t because he can’t see it. Laura is in a tough spot too because if she lets on that she knew it was wrong she is an horrific accomplice and if she tells a nice, Stepford story her book will be just like Anderson Cooper’s autobiography; lacking the actual meat. I wonder if Laura will eventually become an alcoholic. At least it would be genuinely understandable. [source]

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