Monday, November 03, 2008

Here is the full recording of the prank call made to Governor Sarah Palin by two comedians in Canada, one who posed as French President Nicholas Sarkozy.

Aside from the fact that the comedians are pretty gutsy, what’s amazing about this is the way it’s clear Sarah Palin is just flailing her way through the interview and pretending to know what the hell she’s talking about. Best line ever is:

“We have such great respect for you, John…McCain and I…we LOVE you!”

To give her the benefit of the doubt, let’s assume she’s stammering out the words slowly on purpose so that the same ill-equipped press agent who actually put Governor Palin through to a prank call on radio could quickly get her some cue cards so that she actually had some idea of who the hell she was talking to. Nothing is really working terribly well for the Republican ticket at the moment. Not Sarah Palin's ass, not Cindy McCain's flawless ability to appear flawless despite probably being addicted to uppers, not John McCain's ability to almost raise his arms. All of it isn't quite comming to fruition.

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