Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Alright, two stories that stuck out to me today – underneath the election coverage frenzy that I have been reading all over the place – are that Justin Long, the guy who is meant to be the personification of a Mac computer and Tila Tequila who is meant to be bisexual on the show “A Shot At Love” were seen kissing and potentially “straddling” at a party. Both represent different extremes in culture.

Justin Long, in the Mac ads, is meant to be a college or graduate student who is essentially relatable, hip, easy-going, cute and rational. I would also take a pretty comfortable guess that his film work makes no real use of his acting ability and that he plays the same thing in the comedies he has appeared in as he does on the Mac ads. Even though he is performing, across the board it seemed like he wasn’t actually performing because the characters never change that much and so as a result he seemed more genuine. I suspect this is why gawker took delight in reporting his apparent firing several years ago. The writers there like to attack people who represent something similar to what they think they are. Namely, rational, cute, intelligent, urban, hip, prolific and connect people. Justin Long always screamed Williamsburg to me as well. Gawker shits on Williamsburg but the writers either wish they lived there or do.

Tila Tequila, aka Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen is an entirely contrived character. Nothing about her public persona says anything about who she is – it’s even widely speculated that she isn’t bisexual. Her “work” is constructed entirely on the basis of market research and producer notes. She’s less a human and more a cheap, sex based product.

The fact that they’ve hooked up or are together or whatever the hell it is like the bringing together of two completely opposing personas. This is like if Marilyn Manson married Mary Hart. Sort of. I mean, as far as polarities go. [source]

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