Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well, look at that. Adrienne Bailon (I misspelled her name the other day primarily because I sort of didn’t think she deserved a spell check) faked the nude photo leak she cried embarrassment over earlier in the week because she wanted attention. What a surprise. An aspiring LA kid uses amateur porn to try and get ahead.

Bailon and JJ's Dirt Web site founder Jonathan Jaxson leaked the story that racy shots were stolen from her laptop "purely to get attention," a source tells

And the thing is, from the looks of the photos, they weren’t even amateur. The releasing of nude photos to get press and to up your celebrity worth is so common and understood that some Disney kid seems to be staging amateur shots and putting them out there on purpose.

This is where we’re at. I mean, as a Disney Cheetah Girl she exhibited no organic personality nd evidently not enough individuality to stand out and warrant any specific attention and these photos don’t even make it look like she has a real sex life. It was as though she was attempting to undo the Disneyfication of her career by creating amateur porn but she never quite got away from the polished, emphatic, corporate product aesthetic. Jesus, I mean, the notoriety has to be based on something. Even Paris Hilton actually had sex and the camera work was shoddy. How tired. [source]

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