Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The other story that caught me was Angelina Jolie saying that no matter who she is, she will always just be a punk kid with tattoos.

Angelina Jolie’s power, no matter what she does, is linked to the balance between being classically beautiful on a global scale, her ability to be seen as a thinking activist feminine icon and mother and the fact that under that classic beauty and admirable talent and ability there’s a wild jaguar type energy that can’t be controlled. She exploits that in the action movies she appears in. It makes her a dominatrix of sorts and I would assume her primary fan base are the same men who watch Family Guy.

If she’s trying to claim that she’s still a punk kid with tattoos then it’s because she must feel she’s seen too much as a brooding, hyper glamorous mother and movie star which places her too close to someone annoying and washed out like Meg Ryan. She needs to keep up that animal instinct thing.

Plenty of stars do that. Eve, the rapper, did it. She was totally street centric and then she went upscale glam. You have to adapt. Madonna taught us that. [source]

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