Monday, November 10, 2008

Page Six reports that Parlaiment Funkadelic principle, George Clinton (and I just wrote the word “Fuck” instead of “Funk” but I changed it because it would have been unnecessarily distracting) has claimed in Details Magazine that he wants to have himself cloned and so therefore he is saving his DNA. He went on to explain that the pyramids were set up for DNA collection as well. "Cloning - we got generations of that [bleep]," Clinton said. "The pyramids? They was for cloning. That's why embalming lasts so long. Get the DNA and pull 'em back. So somebody been cloned already, but not me. Not yet." Yes, thank you. Excellently put George Clinton. How succinct and clear you are. How refreshing: a delusional, ego maniacal rock star. At least there’s something creative about his bullshit though. Unlike the Tequila woman who just whores her tired ass out for a bit of industrial-grade notoriety. [source]

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