Thursday, November 20, 2008

I have to get packed because I’m going to London tomorrow morning at an ungodly hour. I was however, interested to note two things that Post had published today. The first is that Guy Ritchie is fine with not taking any money from Madonna, he just wants joint custody of the two boys, David and Rocco. Madonna’s daughter Lourdes will apparently live with her in the United States in a living set up that will eventually dissolve into a contemporary version of the Mommie Dearest saga and the boys will go back and forth racking up frequent flier miles and getting out at just the moment either parent gets to be unbearable. It does seem clear that Guy Ritchie is the more civil of the two but did we really need confirmation of that? Apparently Madonna’s only friends are her stylists. That is a surefire indication of an inner chasm. The best part is the earnest commenter who wrote:

steveack wrote:
once again, i ask. just why is this non story on the front page? has the post turned into a supermarket rag? the comings and goings of this "star" belongs on the gossip page, not page one!
11/20/2008 10:07 AM EST

Take heart, Steveack. I’m sure this is just a slip up. Before long they’ll be back on track and you’ll see the Post as the pinnacle of unbiased journalism you’ve come to so reasonably rely on. Supermarket rag? Certainly not. General use rag? Maybe. [source]

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