Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Scarlett Johansson went on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, blew her nose into a handkerchief and then put it in a plastic bag and sold it on ebay for $5300. Here’s the link to the actual page.
The seller included comments on the ebay page that included the earnest, slightly agitated statement: UPDATE: DUE TO REPEAT QUESTIONS ON THE SAME TOPIC, PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ITEM CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED WITHIN THE UNITED STATES…
Which means that people all over the world must have been hankering for some Johansson mucus. Plus, you just know the assistant who did that has "crazy busy" syndrome and is angry because no one knows how busy she or he is. After all, all this has to be taken care of before he or she can get that fllight back to Arkansas for Christmas. Working for a movie star is a pretty tough job! How entirely enchanting this WHOLE story is.

Ultimately though, mucus and bitchy gay assistant aside, there’s really nothing more reassuring than when people spend vast amounts of money on useless crap. I mean, sure this is for charity, but the thing is over one hundred thousand people have ordered copies of the exact shoe that was thrown at President Bush during his press conference in Iraq and that’s after a no doubt bored rich Saudi offered several million dollars for the actual shoe and one man offered his daughter as a bride for the thrower. It seems odd to me that more people would be sleeping in homeless shelters in New York City than in any other year since 1983 when records were first taken, that since the financial crisis began there are too many people wanting to be cab drivers and there aren’t enough cabs and yet, someone is spending 5300 dollars on a mucus soaked tissue.

Still, I guess it’s better than some lame bull semen hair treatment or complex fish based exfoliation experiment in Europe. Those things are just a waste of money and they are careless, frankly. [source] [source]

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