Tuesday, December 16, 2008

For the most part, I had a hard time pulling my attention away from two things; one, a blog called Charlie Tu Eats, posted on facebook by Charlie Katsu which chronicles what Charlie Tu (who I guess is his alter ego) eats. Cheese with mustard (a combination I categorically deny) apparently causes him to fart and the other thing I watched was a fairly stock standard documentary about the Westboro Baptist Church produced by the BBC that revealed to me that Fred Phelps is probably a rageaholic and I always thought it was either that or he was a repressed homo. The real losers in the Westboro Baptist Church are, of course, the children.

When I finally did try and interact with the actual news and the tiny moving shaddows in the corner of my paranoid, placebo caffeine shocked eyes that I kept thinking were either cockroaches or rodents but were really actually nothing faded I noticed that the New York Times is reporting that a Saudi man is offering ten million dollars for the shoe thrown at President Bush’s head during his press conference in Iraq at the weekend. Nicholas Kristoff suggests that if one man is offering ten million dollars for one shoe, perhaps Bush could have shoes thrown at him all over the place and make a chunk of money to offset White House travel costs. I’m still hung up on how fast Bush reacted to the flying shoe. Why, it was almost as though he has a tendency towards immediate self preservation.

Additionally, here’s an unfathomably shit Christmas themed short film featuring the First Family about how their freaking dog put up the White House decorations which is no doubt some lame attemtp to be appealing to children and simple minded housewives that has to be watched to be believed. What astonishes me more than anything else is the cold hard fact that someone who is probably considered a professional saw this edit and decided it was as good as it could possibly be.

All in all, any pretense at presidential dignity has now almost completely melted away. [source] [source]

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Anonymous said...

Charlie's about to eat at Diner in Williamsburg. He'd rather be eating a mustard-cheese-and-you sandwich.