Monday, December 15, 2008

Here’s a video of an Iraqi journalist throwing a shoe at the head of George W Bush as he gave a press conference. Apart from the fact that it’s hilarious that someone actually threw a shoe at Bush’s head and Bush dodged it with such natural ease that it seems like he has a in-built dodging mechanism, what’s great about this is the way the MSNBC journalist explains the significance of having a shoe thrown at you.
According to the journalist (and you might want to write this down), if someone throws a shoe at you it’s a sign of disrespect and you know, the thing about this is I’m actually glad we had that cleared up. I mean, for a moment there I thought the tall, angry man hurling a shoe at the loathed president’s head in front of international media was actually a reference to the rarely scrutinised mating ritual of the Patagonian Face Pummeling Rabbit. That, I can now officially report, is not the case.
White House Press Secretary Dana Perino now also apparently has a black eye because she was knocked in the face with a microphone. What is also amazing about this is how long it takes the Secret Service to rush in and protect the president. I wonder if they had their own moment of indecision after the first shoe flew. “Should we really rush in there and protect him from the flying shoe?” they might have asked themselves deep down in their subconscious.

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