Monday, December 08, 2008

Here’s the music video for Andy Samberg’s new clever straight male humour single “Jizz in my Pants” which is actually not so bad. There’s really only so much South Park humour I can take and Samberg’s stuff is always either completely and utterly jaw droppingly terrible or it’s clever Comedy Central humour where you’d put it on late at night and the Army would intersplice it with ads so they can catch the pot smoking non-college kids who still live at home but I mean, sure, it’s fine. Except for his Mark Wahlberg piece which was funny but, actually still kind of one note. You could actually play this in a club and it would work. Plus, it spirals into something essentially absurd towards the end which makes it palletable.

The other thing I realised about Andy Samberg is that he does these songs and they’ve always been about getting high or they’re about “hey look at my crotch” and maybe that’s because he only sporadically comes up with anything at all and when he does he wants to hammer it home by tying it to his power source which is that there’s something crippling hot about him. It is undeniable. Even to someone who has no trouble denying it the hottness of Samberg is undeniable.

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