Monday, December 22, 2008

I wondered what had happened to Ted Haggard, the high profile Christian evangelist who was brought down by a hooker he had sex and smoked crystal meth with – and here’s a promo for a documentary about him that promises to update us. He now apparently delivers guest sermons at small churches and sells insurance. He considers himself a loser at this point in his life. Isn’t that heart warming? It’s a little frustrating that no mention was made of the ex-gay therapy he attended as part of damage control for his public image. After all, I was hoping to find out if it worked and I’m sure plenty of people would like to know whether they won or lost money when they bet he would slip up and accidentally find himself in a hotel room with another male porn star.

We interviewed the guy that slept with Ted Haggard on D List Radio and I asked him what Ted Haggard did the minute they had finished having sex and the guy said he had written a book about it and you had to buy the book to find out. I never did find out. I imagined he would have prayed and cried and then negotiated reality with himself and then gone into damage control and pushed it way down in the dead vacant space inside him where a soul should be and continued with his day. It was always amusing to me that his last name was Haggard because it seemed to me that he was a pretty emotionally haggard guy.

One thing I've learned in all my years is that Christian evanglists tend to get freaked out by hooker porn stars. Not me; I’m bored by them. They’re every second person I meet so I’m not freaked out by them at all. All you do it pat them on the head, talk to them about something like income tax and they glaze over and wander away. Sometimes into a wall. That’s how you deal with hooker porn stars. Of course, I’m not a high profile Christian evangelist so that makes my experience a little less comparable.

Still, this documentary looks compelling.

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