Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Post reports that Pamela Anderson was all over the place at the weekend in Miami. She was covered in weird bruises, passed out at a party for a while, got smashed, made out with Stephen Dorff and then made out with a guy who wasn’t Stephen Dorff. Ok, so first things first – THIS is where Stephen Dorff has been for the past however long?

I always really liked his hair in the 90s and there’s something attractive about him in a genuine, ongoing way. I wasn’t aware that he was about, as they say. “Are you about, Stephen Dorff?” Ha ha ha…. His imdb page says he has been working steadily in a list of things but none of them resonated with me on any real level.

So, it’s nice that Pam Anderson can let us know where Stephen Dorff has been. She smoked him out of his cave, so to speak.

Anyway – also – what a shame about good old Pam Anderson as well. I mean, she’s always been a bit of a class act as far as I’m concerned and here she is looking like a weirdly morphed, angry doll as she passes out and makes out with people who both are and are not Stephen Dorff. Apart from anything else, it’s clear her virtue is hardly intact. But then, I guess this kind of breakdown had to happen at some point because when your entire life is based on the fact that you have breasts and you look a certain way – there’s only a margin of control you have over your livelihood and you must always be staring at a pretty bleak future once everything falls. Which it now apparently is. [source]

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fiona peel said...

"smoked him out of his cave"? is that what the kids are calling it these days?