Monday, December 08, 2008

Page Six eye rollingly reports that “NOW that Kristin Scott Thomas (above) has the potential to be an Oscar and a Tony winner, well-heeled New Yorkers all want a piece of her.” And the thing that immediately came to mind about this is that I’m unsure how many ways I can explain that this is wrong. It’s not NOW that New Yorkers want a piece of Kristin Scott Thomas because of her awards, Americans have always felt this weird colonial, Boston Tea Party need to scramble for her approval. Kristin Scott Thomas is everything Americans feel inferior to in an English person. She’s a generally pretty reserved, talented, ageless and beautiful, effortlessly bilingual, fashionable and chic actor and she lives in France even though she’s English. What the fuck? Whoa, where? Hang on…she lives in France?

I remember watching her co presenter at an awards ceremony trip over himself to vomit compliments at her as they stood together at a lecturn and she stood there and thanked him gracefully without losing a skerrick of her composure. He, an American, who was no doubt her professional equal himself, suddenly acted like the ground had falled out from underneath him. It was like he just needed to feel equal to her but never felt he could. Watching that, I felt like he was representative of all Americans in front of Kristin Scott Thomas. And the thing is, I went to see her in a French murder mystery at BAM a few months ago and she was fine in it, I guess, but the film was inane.

Regardless, if you need any more evidence that America has this weird inferiority complex to the British that they balance out by being publicly bigger and stronger then the Post’s photo of her should clear that up. Here is the Post – New York’s idiot everyman paper – running a nothing piece about how elite New Yorkers all want a piece of an award-winning serious British actor and the photo they put in has her eyes buried in a sea of whitened wrinkles and her teeth are a yellowed set of unwashed miniature plates stacked inside her head. It’s not hard to find a flattering shot of Kristin Scott Thomas and yet, here the Post is making sure they pull her down.
So. No. It is not NOW that Kristin Scott Thomas has the potential to be an Oscar and Tony winner that New Yorkers want a piece of her, it’s always been that way. It was probably that way for Julie Andrews although from what I would like to imagine, Julie Andrews has a mouth her like a trucker and I’m certain that would have disarmed a few Americans upon impact. [source]

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