Monday, December 08, 2008

New York Magazine reports that Fran Drescher wants to fill the New York Senate seat that Hillary Clinton is about to leave vacant now that she will be joining President-elect Barack Obama’s cabinet as Secretary of State.

“I was thinking I’d take the next four years to lay some groundwork, but I’m throwing my hat in the ring.” What else makes her a good candidate? “I’m an authentic and honest person,” she said. “And I think Capitol Hill needs more of that.”

I’m not sure exactly what my take on this is but the reason I thought it was interesting was because I went to a party two years ago with her and she told me she just bought an Egon Schiel. She is also in pretty good shape and she doesn’t always talk that way. You know, that way? The nasal thing? Her real voice is a lot less skull penetrating and I think when you combine those three things alone, she will be a fine senator. Look at her in the image above, for example. Why, from the look on her face you just know she's thinking of a couple of new things to do; staring up there to the right where all the ideas are. She's looking up there to find a new idea and she's got a little smirk and a playfully flirty top on. All those things are important and indicative of her ability to inspire change and fun. Good on YOU, Fran Drescher. If I could vote I probably would vote for you.
I mean, what else is she doing? She told me she has an assistant too so I mean, she’ll need to do something that includes enough work for two and being a senator in New York may be just the thing. [source]

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Jesse Archer said...

I'm also an authentic and honest person. Vote for me! Glory Holes in all senate bathrooms!