Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Page Six reports that while Tom Cruise is on a damage control mission and he’s basically apppearing on every show that will have him to talk about his upcoming movie, Valkyrie, he lost his Blackberry. Under his direction, United Artists has produced a series of pretty dreadful films and his production partner of ages past, Paula Wagner has stopped working with him. Most of this is because he’s insane and really good a playing a totally charming leading man in public. Blackberry loss aside, essentially the point of this story is that Tom Cruise is really doing the rounds, using his celebrity power to try and dazzle people into being interested in Valkyrie. I’m not even sure why everyone thinks that Valkyrie is going to be SO bad anyway.. I mean, sure Cruise doesn’t bother to do a German accent, or even an English one for the German character he plays but that doesn’t mean the film really is ludicrous.

So, he’s even departing from his usual focus of middle aged women to stoop down and appear on the shockingly pointless After The Hills talk show – a show devoted entirely to speculation about what is going to happen on The Hills hosted by two eternally pepped up, dead behind the eyes LA actor wannabes who are doing the show with genuine intense interest because they’re just so grateful to have work. Here’s his utterly needless segment where he talks about how, as a man, you’re meant to give the woman the wedding of her dreams:

The interesting thing about Cruise losing his Blackberry though, is that now someone out there has a whole chunk of evidence about what exactly goes on for real behind the curtain of Tom Cruise, not just his contracted wives and children. So far, nothing has been reported. [source]

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Yes yes, the reluctant whore has found something to deem pointless. If what he finds is pointless, how much more pointless is the blog entry on said pointlessness.