Saturday, December 06, 2008

I swear to GOD, getting a new computer I didn’t pay for has been a trial. Not as much of a trial as it was to have my hard drive and then backup flash drive stolen but I’ve been on the phone to tech people in India all day trying to figure out how to install various softwares and Vista IS as annoying as people say despite the admittedly genius Mojave ads. Whatever.

So, anyway – here are three fascinating things.

1) Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes (because her name is Kate as she is a woman, not a child on an adolescent TV show. She is also a genuine adult wife. A Wife. Of a Man. A Man who is married. To his wife. She is the wife. Got it?) are in the New York Times Style Magazine this week and someone from Cruise’s camp must still have the ability to hold a gun to the head of the press while they write crap about how legitimate the relationship between Cruise and Holmes is. It’s a full on multi media presentation done by the Times about the life and work of Cruise. Watch the video file, he ccomes across like an animated senator. Ok, wow, that would be interesting. Tom Cruise running for the senate. Excellent. [source]

2) OJ Simson got at least 15 years in prison. I bet he’d get 16 but only because someone else had said 15. So, I really knew it was something anchored in the number 15. No idea how. Probably because I went to the gym in the morning today and then had lemon and apple juice. The interesting thing about this is that this sentence has to be include residual animosity from the jury and judge for the way he got off in his murder trial. Also, it really seems totally reasonable to suggest that he won’t make it out of jail for some reason. He’s looking, right now, at the way in which he will die. How calming. [source]

3) While I find it sort of interesting to think about the fact that Sarah Palin’s kid was perhaps not really her kid and could have been her daughters because, as porn star Owen Hawk pointed out to me, incest is more prevalent than you think and it seems possible that Bristol and the older son could have had sex – the overwhelming reality about Sarah Palin is that she needs to be ignored and America needs to move on – as it has selected to do by electing Barack Obama. Thank Crap.

Bless Andrew Sullivan then, for staying HARD CORE on the case with a blog entry today about the mystery surrounding Sarah Palin’s alleged pregancy earlier this year and how it might not have been legitimate. I mean, someone has to.

Sullivan writes:

I begged the McCain campaign by private email and in a private meeting to give me something - anything - to kill the story off. I promised to run any evidence that would blow this out of the water. That offer still stands. Please make me look like an idiot for asking these questions.

The thing is, maybe she did and maybe she didn’t. Sarah Palin was a tool used by a desperate and cynical John McCain because she represented the basest narcissistic desires of Americans and McCain’s investment in her did not pay off. Isn’t that embarassing and crap enough to essentially let her be and stop paying attention. She is, after all, like Dina Lohan. She just wants attention and when you stop paying attention she will dissolve. [source]

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