Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh Look. After yesterday’s news that Mariah Carey is probably pregnant, more people are having children in lieu of putting out albums. People Magazine reports that Ricky Martin just had two with a surrogate mother and OK reports that Avril Lavigne, for want of something to do that doesn’t involve causing people to vomit with rage at the preposterousness of her mere existence (which is why she must have ruled out making another album) is denying rumours that she is pregnant which could mean that she is because as we know – you can’t keep the media AS interested in your pregnancy if you just admit to being pregnant. This way, celebrity culture journalists can go NUTS speculating over whether people are or aren’t pregnant and the ball can keep rolling.

Speaking of children, congratulations to Faith over at who just had a stunning baby boy and I’m fairly certain her new son is hardly in place of an album she could have put out. This child=album theory really only applies to lazy famous musicians and movie stars. Faith was probably working on an album as she actually gave birth. [source] [source]

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fiona peel said...

i think that the magazine cover has it right, this trend of baby/album (or credible film) trading is creating "sus" babies!