Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The New York Times reports that Oprah Winfrey is now 40 pounds heavier than she was in 2006 and she is “embarassed” and “mad” at herself. She’s mad at herself primarily because she has all the tools and did not follow her own fundamental rule of taking care of self first.
It’s such a useful time for Oprah to renew her human side and to get a bit of national press coverage that focuses directly on an issue that her demographic all totally relate to. The Times piece goes on to mention that her upcoming project “Best Life Week” starts on January 5. Perfect timing. Oprah really is a mastermind and she should be listened to on all matters.
She is at once both pop cultural mega-deity and regular human. Now we can all tune in to see her agonise over her weight, watch the audience sigh with relief that they are just like her, listen to her figure out what to do and complain about how boring food is (just like us!) and all the while she will keep ad sale revenues up. Doesn’t that make her a more sophisticated Tyra Banks?
Excellent work. [source]

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Jesse Archer said...

Watch her balloon once she comes out of the closet. Then it's really gonna be comfort-food, me-got-the-munchies time!