Monday, January 05, 2009

I am so glad I went and back read some of New York Magazine’s Vulture blog today because had I not I would have missed Chris Martin’s interview that made me feel just great about being alive. There’s nothing I enjoy more than that feeling.

When talking about his work, the Coldplay front man and male counterpart in boredom inducing uber celebrity douchebagness to Gwyneth Paltrow was quoted as saying:

We feel bands need to fill their first 10 years, so we have lots to do before December 31, 2009.
“I know it’s stupid, but that’s kind of our deadline. We have to do something good by then.

“We’ve done some pretty good stuff, but there’s something about the year changing to 2010. I’ll also be 33 that year, and I always feel that marks a different phase of songwriting. So I just try to keep as busy as possible till then.

“Most of my heroes did most of their great stuff before they were 33. It’s not that you can’t do great stuff afterwards. You just have to have deadlines, otherwise you’ll spend all day in the sauna.”

Even though when he says "We" he’s clearly talking about he and the other band mates, the way he uses the word “We” makes him sound like he’s in a cult and his inadvertent “We have to do something good by then” is simply too easy to attack.

Aside from that, just to calm myself down and place the razor blade back in the safety drawer, I did reassure myself that I am in fact a year younger than Chris Martin so I totally have another whole year to scramble my way up to his level. That being said, the quote reads like something out of a sit com script that sends someone directly into a mid-(ish)life crisis after which they spend half an hour freaking out and being weird only to discover that actually wherever they go there they are. Oh, how wonderful…I’m nauseated. Kick ass, Chris Martin – you’re so tolerable!

Still, there’s something great – and I genuinely never thought I’d say this - about a major celebrity rock star who is always drunk on ego gratification talking about the world that is almost better than a can of frosting at midnight while watching a marathon run of Iron Chef. [source]

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