Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here’s a video I just shot in Times Square looking up at the Fox News screen at the live broadcast of the inauguration of Barack Obama. There were about 5 screens in Times Square with several of the major networks showing their own version of what was going on but weirdly enough, Fox News was the only network to think of actually including subtitles on the screen as there was no sound.

Because of that, the whole of Times Square was weirdly and almost eerily quiet except for brief moments when people would cheer. I got one of those cheering moments on video above.

Barack Obama is looking good too. Not only is he a demi-god who clearly works out, he may very well have re-defined what it means to be a zeitgeist leaving Paris Hilton in the dust of cultural irrelevance. That's ANOTHER thing he's done. CHECK! Well, to be fair she left herself there a while ago but still - why not attribute that cultural triumph to President Obama? Everything else that represents progress seems to be as a result of him. People apparently booed when George W Bush was announced and Dick Cheney attended in a wheelchair. What an exit.
America has a black president.

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