Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Following on from yesterday’s post about how gawker was getting in early with their criticism of Barack Obama’s tendency to be a humourless control freak in order to prove that they never swallowed the Kool Aid, at least as journalists anyway, Women’s Wear Daily is reporting that after they broke the story Black Artists’ Association criticizing Michelle Obama for not wearing clothes by a black designer to the inauguration, death threats were received by the Black Artists’ Association.
“BAA’s co-founder Amnau Eele, a former runway model, said she was not speaking on behalf of individual designers, but merely wanted to broach the subject. She has faced death threats as a result,” WWD reports.

See, death threats are the kind of thing that make criticism of the human elements of the Obama entity so valuable. I mean, if you weren’t doing the cultural equivalent of taking away the people’s opiate then why would it be so courageous? That being said, give it a rest.
The woman was First Lady for literally only a few hours before she was being beaten down for not making the right choice of dress to wear. She already went out in J Crew which is a pretty strong statement to make in terms of fashion and economic status. Besides, she chose Jason Wu who is a kid – that is sure to inspire other kids to get out there and make dresses. And that’s what the presidency is all about. It’s about how many kids are designing gowns for women.

In other news, last night I went to Alan Cumming’s birthday party for like 10 minutes. That was after I ate a whole wheat humus and falafel sandwich. The nice thing about snow in New York is that it’s all light, pure and enchanting for the first bit. Of course, once the city rolls over it it becomes brown messy sludge and the mess doesn’t leave until April. Also, there are less rats everywhere when it’s snowing and I enjoy that. [source]

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