Wednesday, January 07, 2009

For some reason I’m having technical difficulties uploading pictures. I’m having problems with Windows Vista in general actually. It’s a complete pain the ass what with its constant need to shut off all sound every now and then and require System Restores to be performed semi regularly.

SO – apologies for the lack of illustrations.

One thing I can say is that last night I went to a book reading for one of my favourite non fiction authors, Benoit Benizet Lewis because he has a new book out called America Anonymous: 8 Addicts in Search of a Life. I haven’t read the book yet but when it arrives in the mail I totally will. I spoke with him a bit which was all very pleasant and the book is bound to be great but here’s the thing; they had a really swank buffet.

Exceptional chicken wings marinated with some kind of asian glaze, rare roast beef displayed in a kind of makeshift rose shape which I found oddly vaginal, turkey or pork – I can’t tell which because they’re both white meat and when they’re cut into semi circles you just can’t tell unless you try them and when I did I wasn’t paying attention, prawns on sticks with a variety of dipping sauces, two aioli type dips which after a while looked slightly oxidised on the top so I just avoided those. There were also salads and a delightful baguette too. There was no alcohol at that party because it was hosted by a rehab organisation and so I drank Coke and it made me thirstier than I've ever been. Isn’t the point of a drink that it is meant to quench your thirst? Coke does not care about that point apparently. I was sort of appalled. Kirsten Johnson was there and said that her new movie that comes out today is dreadful.

Also, here’s a link to an article in the London Times arguing that Tin Tin was gay. Why not? [source]

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