Monday, January 12, 2009

One of the best moments in the Golden Globes last night was Sacha Baron Cohen’s routine about the recession.

“Victoria Beckham hasn't eaten for days, he cracked, and Charlie Sheen has been forced to have sex without paying for it.
But he drew boos when he ripped on Madonna.
"Madonna has had to get rid of one of her personal assistants," Cohen said. "Our heart goes out to you, Guy Ritchie."

Was Madonna even there? Salma Hayek looked appalled which was appalling in itself. What the hell are they afraid of, exactly? I mean, apart from the physical threat of Madonna. If Madonna’s career has proven anything to us it’s that on the whole she isn’t an actor. At an awards ceremony for actors it would seem odd that people would be scared of offending her. Plus, when you consider that Baron Cohen was a favourite of Madonna’s for a while, maybe it was a personal joke between them. You know, like “hey, go out there and humiliate me and my husband…it’ll be great!”.

I do think that perhaps Baron Cohen was potentially in the same league as Rupert Everett when it comes to Madonna ie. One minute she loves him the next minute she hates him and he’s on the outer so maybe this was his way of getting back at her. In which case he should be commended because she can see through steel and breathes fire. Uncontrollably.

Suffice to say, amid the idealism and hope these awards ceremonies always bank themselves on fostering, it was good to see a little bit of acid to cut through the marshmallow. [source]

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