Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Washington Post reports that the guest scheduled to stay at Blair House, the official guest quarters for White House visitors, during the period the Obamas had requested to stay there– a party that the White House refused to identify when the request had originally been submitted turns out to be none other than former Australian Prime Minister John Howard. BOOOO. Cue: kazoo centric introduction music as the huge curtain draws back to reveal the short and generally unimpressive John Howard. John Howard was the reason the Obamas couldn’t move into Blair House a couple of days early.

At this point, all stories about the Obamas as people are really anchored in the idea that they are the physical embodiment of hope and inspiration for America. It’s often inane but that’s the way it is. How fitting then, that on one, admittedly minor situation where the Obamas were denied being able to break with tradition and take up residence slightly early, a moment where their wave of light filled progress was sort of held up – the person at the center of it was the consistently disappointing and little John Howard.

What was he REALLY doing there anyway? The Washington Post says he's a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Honor but is that really the reason he's here? He’s not Prime Minister anymore so he was probably just on a quick tour to the US so he could cash in on the perks of being part of the Coalition of the Willing before Bush is officially out of office. Perhaps the breakfast rolls at Blair House are second to none and Howard wants to stock up before he’s completely irrelevant on the world stage. Quick, stuff them in your INSIDE pocket John. Why not ask the staff to send you a case? You can probably keep them in your freezer at home. [source]

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