Friday, January 09, 2009

The former vice presidential candidate for the Republican Party, who shall remain nameless because printing her name only encourages her to keep talking and issuing statements to the press which are crapulently addictive in the same way gummi bears are even though you know that they have no nutritional value and about twenty minutes after you gorge yourself on them the darkness creeps in like the Angel of Death and you just wish your income tax would calculate itself, is in fact issuing statements about how the media’s treatment of Caroline Kennedy as a woman in the public eye will help to clarify whether she herself was exploited by the media elite.
Because it’s totally all STILL about you, isn’t it dear?
The interesting thing about said former vice presidential candidate is that apart from her red neck appeal, the main angle she had was that she is a woman and so it really comes as no surprise that in order to keep fostering public interest in her, she has to keep reminding the public that she is a woman. Second to that, the point is that sure she didn’t actually succeed in taking office in the White House but that is in no way really her fault. That is the fault of all the elite leftists in the media.
The Huffington Post writes:
Palin also complained about reports suggesting that Trig Palin was not her son and said she was "frustrated" by rampant rumors about her and her family. However, mainstream media stayed away from such rumors, which were fueled by bloggers and others online and the supermarket tabloids.

"I wasn't believed that Trig was really my son," she said. She called it a "sad state of affairs."

It is a sad state of affairs but I really think that any frustration she felt or still feels was as a result of not profiting more from whatever press she got and still receives. Poor dear is stuck up there in Alaska with a teenaged mother for a daughter and a good natured oaf for a husband. She’ll never win the pageant from up there. [source]

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