Monday, January 05, 2009

Is Tom Cruise insane or if he actually the smartest man in the entire universe equal in some ways to God? I like to think about that kind of thing a lot and I also enjoy letting it override every thought I have so I’m glad the Post has run a piece about how Robert Pritikin, the man who wrote the Rice-a-Roni jingle is suing someone because a replica of one of Hitler’s globes was featured in “Valkyrie” without copyright payments being made. Robert Pritikin bought the globe and several other Nazi artifacts and copyrighted their likeness so no Nazi group could use them to promote Nazi causes. Ok, wow – all of that really did happen.
Pritikin wants to sell all his Nazi art so he’s using this completely random event to mention that too at the end of the news piece by suggesting that Tom Cruise buy it all and donate it to a museum.
Apart from the fact that this reeks of a media savvy Pritikin using this angle to get some press so he can sell his artifacts, I wonder if this is all part of a world dominating plot by Tom Cruise to repair his freakish image and to promote the film.
After all, the film is the third highest grossing film at the moment and that’s after a series of apparent set backs during its production not the least of which were based on Tom Cruise’s personality being “unpleasant”. All that bad press kept us thinking about a film that really had no reason to be any worse than anything else when you consider the cast and production values. Here were are again wondering about conflict that is connected to Tom Cruise and it really only serves to make Tom Cruise look like a hero and to let Robert Pritikin sell his Nazi art for top dollar. It’s win win for everyone.
Right, everything is a plot. I’m not paranoid – everyone is in on everything around me. [source]


Anonymous said...

Bob Pritikin is a major oppertunistic asshole.
He is trying to make a quick buck. If you know him I am sure you would agree.

fiona peel said...

Tom Cruise is actually the most insane man in the entire universe and in that way he is equal to God.