Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Huffington Post reports that Sarah Palin’s Grandson’s father, Levi Johnston (whose mother was incarcerated on around about the same day his son was born) has quit the job he had lined up as an electrician’s apprentice for the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation after coming under fire from a newspaper columnist who reported that you actually need a High School GED before you can take that job. Apparently, Johnston hasn’t finished high school yet.

Let’s just recap the basic facts about Levi Johnston. He is a self described redneck who doesn’t want kids and who should be at high school but has dropped out and now has a son with his girlfriend to whom it appears he will not be marrying any time soon despite the fact that it was officially announced the entire world during the election campaign that this would be the case because if he didn’t he would be a human strike against his sort of mother in law’s political platform. Plus, his mother is in jail for drug related charges. What a crippling loss for the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation.

Is there anyone more fucked than Levi Johnston right now? Sarah Palin rushed to his defense but what exactly could that really do anymore besides aggravate?

Still, he could always make money working for Sean Cody or Randy Blue. Sure it’s gay porn and he’s straight but doing gay porn for publication on the internet would probably require no more or less squinting and pretending that he’s psychologically somewhere else than his life does now on an hour by hour basis. Talk about political prisoners… [source]

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