Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Here’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s talking about her shitting experiences on her blog. She’s talking mainly about detoxing and the menu she goes with when she wants to detox but part of detoxing is shitting out toxins. That’s right, Gwyneth Paltrow expels human waste from her body by shitting! Ok, so she doesn’t actually use the word “shit” (at least in public!) but it is probably ok to admit that the idea of her doing so is like some kind of thematic juxtaposition and that’s interesting to me.

Gwyneth Paltrow, a living zeitgeist whose entire being is at once focused on being in cleansed harmony with the universe while she stays thin enough to be a leading female movie star product who is married to an ego maniac musician, likes to detox and she doesn’t mind talking about her bowel movements. What an amazing world we live in.

“If your bowel movements get sluggish," she says. "You can accelerate things by drinking half a cup of castor oil or using a mild herbal laxative. Bowel elimination is paramount for correct detoxification.”

What a trooper. Why, she’s just like us!

It’s important for me to admit that I would totally follow that diet because it actually seems like nice food and I figure that Gwyneth probably spends a shitload on herself when it comes to health specialists. This way, I get to benefit from her costly, movie star medical advice.

However, ultimately, I’m torn between totally buying into the hype and shit-centric information she gives and the natural tendency to simply find fault with her because she is a movie star and therefore probably not actually a real person at the end of the day. Well, I mean, she’s probably a whole lot of nerves and body image anxiety and need. That’s about it though. God, it’s complex being alive. [source]

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