Thursday, January 29, 2009

Elizabeth Hasselbeck announced today on The View that she is pregnant again which really suggests that her only real appeal on the show is the performance of motherhood in front of the audience of women who love thinking about children and how they’ve either had them or want to or something.

It always seems like Elizabeth Hasselbeck is coming up with some reason to stay employed on that show whether it be her contrived, breathless and excitable right wing stance on everything because it’s her angle or whether it be the stories of her pleasant domesticity as a working mother with a sporty husband – everything comes back to survival. It’s not necessarily about substance or reason, it’s just survival.

I often wonder if, for Elizabeth Hasselbeck, life is simply a complex process of filling in time until she dies. I mean, there must be moments where she just sits there as her husband is in the next room smashing his head against the wall to try and numb reality somehow, where she cuts to the core of the issue and just looks at her watch and rolls her eyes. I mean, it’s got to be over soon, right? Life? [source]

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