Monday, January 12, 2009

As much as I did like The Wrestler, I totally love Darren Aronovski and I think it is always good to see someone transcend some level of self destruction like Mickey Rourke did through playing The Ram and then winning Best Actor at the Golden Globes; the relentless cheering at the announcement of his triumph reeked of self congratulations to me in much the same way that Jennifer Hudson winning the Academy Awards did.

It really seems like things like this are set up in no small part to propagate the myth that Hollywood is the land or organically fostered dreams and that it is not entirely about politics and insanity. Everything worked for Rourke, marketing-wise for this film and he won.

It was sort of similar when Russell Crowe won Best Actor at the Academy Awards and he went out with his private school haircut, suit and father’s medals on and opened up with the line “G’Day Folks” just to hammer it home that he is the physical embodiment of thick masculine ruggedness. I mean, he’s from New Zealand the land of sheep farming, for Christ’s sake. It all felt like an entertaining routine for the relentlessly bored Hollywood Exec.

There was a sincerity in what Mickey Rourke said as he accepted his award (the part about his dogs particularly) but he’s looking awfully well styled now that he’s the personification of transcendence and hope. Perhaps he could have dinner with the Obamas and blind us all forever more. [source]


Andrea said...

Russell Ira Crowe who travels on a NZ passport even when he arrives in Sydney...

He is the greatest myth alive..

but he did wish me a happy birthday once as we both lived in Woolloomooloo at the same time and we were eating at the same restuarant..

Evan said...

"George is doing a hell of a job during very difficult times, more power to him. Screw all them people who don't like him." - Mickey Rourke on President George W. Bush

"You get desensitized to pain and for three and a half years I developed these symptoms of brain damage..." - Mickey Rourke on boxing.