Friday, July 25, 2008

Trust someone in Hollywood to find fault with the patron saint of Western Culture just to get some publicity. Producers of the new Thomas Crown Affair movie have reportedly insisted that Angelina Jolie put on 28 pounds before they start filming the movie because they want to avoid her fainting like she did repeatedly during the filming of Wanted.

This is, if EVER I saw one, an excuse to simply find fault with the zen workings of a muse. The only kind of people who do this kind of thing are those plagued with inner personal turmoil. The kind who project that inner turmoil onto other people – and can you just imagine how awful it would be to be someone who projects their inner turmoil onto a celebrity for their own gain? I mean, honestly. It’s just horrific.

And yet, here we are, grappling with this situation. Plus, where did they come up with “28 pounds”? Would she be fat at 29 pounds? And also, 28 pounds of what? Fat? Ah, hello – she doesn’t store fat, she’s super human. Anyone with half a brain knows that.

Frankly, I wonder if she was fainting during Wanted because she was too thin or because she was far too perfect and her perfection was constantly being drained out of her when by people who followed along behind her, begging to be saved and healed. Like, for example a woman who touched Angelina’s long cloak from the crowd and was healed through sheer force of will and belief in her all encompassing beauty and power.

Still, it is a rather interesting move to try and hobble Angelina Jolie by demanding she put on weight. It’s like a chess game. It’s hard work staying at the top. She has to outwit her enemies who are always trying to destroy her. This is just one attempt we’ve heard of. There are probably dozens of attempts every day that we never hear about. Like, say, cupcake based initiatives and the like.

Oh, Jesus, I can’t keep this up.

Angelina will not be dethroned. [source]

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