Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here's the preview for the newest Harry Potter film - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and can I just say I'm insanely excited. I honestly am. I saw the last one on the IMAX screen and it was entirely what should have been around when I was a kid. I would totally have been a sucker for these books.
Once I asked Santa Claus for a magic broom for Christmas - you know, in a shopping mall with one of those alcoholic pederast Santas - he said in his disappointing, suburban, Australia burp stained drawl, "Nah're not gettin' about a cricket set." And I didn't want a cricket set because I hate cricket. That Christmas I got 4 cricket sets.
If Harry Potter had been around when I was 7 I probably would have just assumed that Santa was a fraud and escaped into a Harry Potter book. That Santa was a fraud but all I had was the smurfs and the Jetsons who were fine on the surface but then I wanted to be a wizard not a freaking corporate schill in the future so there wasn't much between me and George Jetson.
Consequently, I'm all about Harry Potter. Even now.

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