Monday, July 28, 2008

TMZ is reporting that Mary Kate Olsen is having some trouble with her old Sunset Strip landlord because she re-did a kitchen in a place she rented for 15,000 dollars a month and then didn’t put it back the way she found it. The landlord apparently wants 30,000 dollars or more to cover it and is with holding her deposit.

Ok, so aside from the fact that I’d really love to see exactly what changes Mary Kate Olsen required in her kitchen – changes that could possibly cost 30,000 dollars, I really think that Mary Kate Olsen is by far the more interesting of the Olsen Twins. I mean, in the beginning they were just cute showbiz kids who would say one word and the audience of that shocking show “Full House” would scream for hours. It was a legitimate reaction; whichever of the two was playing the character of Michelle did a bang up job and I’m pretty sure that show altered culture for the better.

Then they became weird shut in types who still went out – which is odd seeing as it basically makes no sense to say that – except I do think they were that. They ended up being considered fashion icons by whichever coke addict PR whore made that decision by drawing a random name out of a hat with Anna Wintour over lunch (which they don’t eat) at the Waverley Inn. Then the two of them sort of dated a few people and Kathy Griffin quoted one of them as saying that Bungalow 8 becomes a fuck fest after like 2am on a Tuesday.

Around the time they were doing that I lost interest in the two of them – I mean, I’m barely out of that coma now but I will say that I have consistently found Mary Kate more engaging.

Her role on "Weeds" as the Christian freak girlfriend of Silas Botwin was self deprecating and not too bad, she’s in "The Wackness" with Ben Kingsley as something probably quite similar to her role in Weeds but as far as type cast roles go – weird, cult member is engaging and now she’s having some random ass fight with her landlord about a kitchen she insisted she had to renovate although I’m pretty sure she never eats let ALONE needs to actually go into a room specifically designed to make food. So, her insistence on drama about a kitchen is interesting. It’s needless and frivolous but it’s essentially interesting.

I mean, what has the other one done aside from wear fur and incite the rage of PETA which – to be fair, they both did and also it’s PETA which means that the rage was probably more about the individual PETA member’s high school anger than it was about the Olsen twins.

I mean, here's the trailer for "The Wackness", Olsen is only in it for like a second but she doesn't screw up once and I mean, she might even be funny. Not sure yet.

Yep, that’s about it. Mary Kate is the cooler of the two even though they both essentially suck but at least they’re not dead, broke or drug addicts. [source]

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