Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here’s a fascinatingly pointless item from the New York Post; Janice Dickinson apparently walked up to the pilot of her NetJets private flight from LA to NY and flashed him. She apparently just walked on up and flashed the guy and then walked back to her seat.

I can just see how it went. She’s wandering through the cabin, hips forward, back curved and lower jaw jutting out. She’s nodding constantly as she looks around the room pretending she’s just walkin’ and lookin’ – pretending she’s a-ok with everything around her. Look, there’s Mac from accounts. “Hey Mac”. Oh, and there’s her hot as fuck son and his latest moron bimbo girlfriend grinding her face into his crotch while he plays video games. “Son – you’re doin’ good,” she’ll offer.

But underneath it all she’s not just walkin’ and lookin’, she knows what SHE’S up to. She wants to walk into that cockpit and show them her growler. It’s her pride and joy and she wants them to see it. So, she feigns calm despite the volcano of excitement in her and she walks in – shows those boys the goods and then turns around like nothing happened and walks out, on the way pretending to take a genuine interest in what she can see out the tiny window on the door of the aircraft. The source to Page Six says “ She just walked in and did a little shimmy and then walked out.”

Makes perfect sense to me.

So, then they go on to say Dickinson tells us through her rep that she'd "admit it if I did it," but claims she didn't. A NetJets rep declined to comment.

How many people were ON that flight to get a story like that wrong? I mean, the two pilots, Janice Dickinson, let’s say three models, Mac from accounts, the hot idiot son and his dumb ass girlfriend. That’s 9. Is it that hard to figure out what happened when only nine people were trapped in a small fucking cabin for six hours? I mean, no one could come and go. No, it isn’t. I mean, it’s completely viable that Janice just wrote that herself and e mailed it in. So here we are talking about bloody Janice Dickinson for no real reason. Curse her implausible mouth. [source]

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