Monday, July 28, 2008

According to Page Six, Denise Richards accused her ex husband Charlie Sheen of molesting their children so she could create a courtroom drama for her reality show and thus boost ratings. As a result, Charlie Sheen is suing for full custody and defamation.

There really is something weird about Denise Richards. She has this really smoking hot body and everything and she’s totally LA marketable in that respect PLUS she really wasn’t that bad in any of the films she’s been in even though it’s pretty clear that she wasn’t being asked to try very hard to actually create anything but whenever I see a picture of her there’s this pervading “crazy” and it’s anchored in her eyes.

She’s got the white teeth, the nice lips, the thin body, blah blah blah and then there are the eyes. Wild eyes. Wild, frightening, frantic, desperate eyes. I read in Cintra Wilson’s book, “A Massive Swelling” that Quentin Crisp was quoted as saying that in the later years of Joan Crawford’s life you could just see the burning, desperate, longing need and horror in her eyes. The endless hunger for validation and general horror. That’s the kind of thing I see every time I see a photo of Denise Richards and it’s all through her eyes. Well, clearly, you’d have to be insane to accuse your ex husband of sexualy molestating your own children just for ratings but what I’m saying is that that wild crazy is evident in her eyes. The general crazy, before it gets filtered through her brain and into an action or a sentence is seen in its purest form in her eyes. I think that's about as clear as I can be before this just gets repetitive. [source]

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