Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Daily News is reporting that Ed Westwick and Chase Crawford from Gossip Girl appear to be dating because at some recent party or whatever they were inseparable.

The spy who reported on seeing them said:

"they were never more than a foot apart. It was freaky. If one moved two feet to the left, so did the other." The duo also chose to ignore the hordes of flirty girls trying to get their attention, says our spy: "They were only interested in each other."

I guess the surprise or news element about this is that they could be dating because they’re both not out and that means that it’s a cover up job to enhance their marketability to Christians but the thing is, their attraction to each other is entirely predictable. I’d say you’d be pretty hard up trying to find someone with more gay face than Chase Crawford until you come to someone like…oh look. Someone like…Ed Westwick.

The thing about gay face is that it’s so unavoidably cute – in a specific kind of cutesy, healthy, neat, sweet blah way that people with it generally become so narcissistic that they can only date themselves really. That’s why it’s entirely plausible that Chase Crawford and Ed Westwick are together. Because it’s really the closest thing to being able to fuck themselves. [source]

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