Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just like we'd all hoped, there's no stopping good old reliable US flavoured capitalism from finally making the Middle East more culturally palatable to Western idiot tastes. A developer is turning Osama bin Laden's old stomping ground into a resort.

And really, what could be more enchanting than a fabulous candle lit dinner while gazing out over the land that was more than likely used as a training ground for the terrorists who orchestrated the attacks on the World Trade Center?

At this point early stage, I'd warrant the target audience is still more than likely to be either middle class university kids who are performatively still so embarassed by the US government that they've been forced to flee to Paris or Berlin (the cultural emergency was so dire and it resonated on such a horrifyingly physical level for these kids that they even had to leave for the safety of Europe before finishing their degrees) so they can start fresh and be fashionably distant from their place of origin OR weird wealthy middle aged swinger couples with a severe pathological interest in trying to relax in violently dangerous world wide destinations.

And you know, even though, as the article says, two journalists were killed this month in the very same area as the resort, the first thing the PR company/hotel developer says in the article about the resort is that: "Tora Bora is world famous - but we want it to be known for tourism, not terrorism. Tora Bora is 100 per cent safe now." and when a publicist says something, anything at all, it's good enough for me.

Remember, the difference between terrorism and tourism is more or less "u" but for that transition to work, you aren't allowed to think about it too much.

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