Monday, October 30, 2006

The great thing about weight loss breakthroughs is that whenever the media says anything about an apparently successful diet, you just know that the mentality behind it is about informing the public that they too might want to try this revolutionary new diet discovery no matter what it entails.

Some English man lost a truckload of fat by drinking OXO stock dissolved in water 3 times every day for a year. Is it not common knowledge yet that you could more or less do the same thing by say, eating the same amount of ice cream or say, the inspirationally named Product 19 and you'll have the same weight loss.

I actually don't really care about the stock cube based weight loss of a man from Cornwall but I just think it's sort of funny that someone sat down and thought about doing this and then basically decided it was unequivocally in line with who he was so he did it unwaveringly for a year and BOY, look at him now!

It's like those people who get married in rural wherever who decide without hesitation that they want life sized fiberglass cows surrounding the reception. I don't know where that happened but I remember seeing some documentary about it. God, and the woman getting married was fat too.

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