Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's always amazing when the media and then general public decides to arbitrarily remember that gay men hook up in public bathrooms. It dies away and then it rears up again and straight people and the odd politician delights in being offended and then it automatically becomes about the safety of children, a bathroom is patrolled, the problem is deemed dealt with, everyone forgets blah.

Is it really a surprise that toilets at the Sydney Opera House, a place staffed almost entirely by aspiring arts admin queens and oblivious music students, and Myer, a department store - again, staffed by a hormonal university students, retail queens and elderly/clueless women would eventually become a place to hook up? There's virtually nothing in the way of it. And you know what? It's completely unfeasible that straight people don't hook up in public and every now and then in public view. What about the children then?

Seems like the place became too mainstream and it ate itself, just like a nightclub or rockstar.

My question is, what on earth is www.squirt.org doing pushing their "Best of Toilet Sex" lists out there. Doesn't it alienate their demographic?

Thanks to www.queerty.com for the image.

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