Thursday, February 05, 2009

For some reason people are really responding to the Christian Bale rant through song and as such, here’s a youtube video of The Mae Shi’s take on it. Its borderline clever white male art a la South Park which is rarely funny on a genuine gut level but because it’s dancey and rockerish it’s ok and silly.

The bigger question here is, why are people responding in song? I suppose it’s only fair. I mean, when Fraulein Maria was running through the hills of Austria she responded by singing “The hills are alive with the sound of music.” So, as far as first reactions go "song" has to be considered viable. I’m going to call this the Fraulein Maria Effect.

Also, to be fair, there have been two main responses I’ve gauged; and keep in mind I am really only barely paying attention at this point because I’m on two deadlines. The two main responses are either song based or they’re from women and gay men who say “Yeah, he has rage issues but I’d still hit it.”

Cool. So, we’re either dancing our way through other people’s rage or deciding that it’s fine to be aggressively assaulted. This is my kind of town. If only Xenakis were still alive; we could have both at the same time.

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