Thursday, November 05, 2009

Just saw an ad on TV for Miracle Whip - the ghetto, white trash version of mayonnaise for Americans born in a trailer park - that is meant to make the brand really unique and hip for young cool, culturally aware hipsters. It features all these young people playing near the beach and skating on skate boards holding out bottles of Miracle Whip saying things like "We are our own unique blend of herbs and spices and we will not tone it down." I really can't imagine how many creative ad execs medicated themselves to be able to cope after they came up with that one.

This is essentially the white trash American Mayonnaise substitute version of one of those unbearable Christian evangelists who try to get you to become Christian by explaining that you can still play sport and be a surfer and be a "cool "dude" and worship "the Lord". Bet you didn't think Christians rode motorcycles, did you? Oh certainly not. Consider me a convert. Where do I sign?

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